From: St. Petersburg, FL
Genre: Americana, Folk Rock, Singer Songwriter


With an enviable ability to break your heart and shake your soul, Rebekah Pulley has earned a fruitful living in a diverse setting of house concerts, bars, and festivals while earning herself 9 'Best Of The Bay’ awards from Creative Loafing. Rebekah’s songwriting taps roots-rock, blues, old-school country & western, jazz, and gospel to become a must have for all singer/songwriter fans. 

Rebekah Pulley is a St. Petersburg, Florida based singer-songwriter whose music has been described as jaw dropping, with a tendency to break your heart and shake your soul whether performing solo, as a duo or with her band, The Reluctant Prophets. With a musical career spanning 3 decades, she's etched out a fruitful living in a diverse setting of house concerts, bars, and festivals and has earned herself 9 'Best Of The Bay’ songwriting, recording, and performance awards from Tampa’s own Creative Loafing. Rebekah’s songwriting has wryly evolved tapping roots-rock, blues, old-school country & western, jazz, and gospel to become a must have for even the most discerning music fans. Her top flight backing band, The Reluctant Prophets, are a soul-steeped rock’n’roll trio with an Americana twist that provide an earthly sounds cape to Rebekah’s evocative songs and seductive voice.


Rebekah Pulley and her guitar took up residence in St. Petersburg, Florida in the spring of 1991. Shy at heart, she started building up her stage skills and courage by regularly performing at local open mic nights. Rebekah further honed her craft as well as her fan base by playing her original songs at venues ranging from intimate coffee houses to large festivals across the southeast. The blooming singer-songwriter has since matured into an accomplished performer. 

Rebekah’s melodies are a rootsy blend of soulful, southern folk. Her natural home is now on stage both acoustically and with her backing band, The Reluctant Prophets. A lover of lyrics, hers are insightful and heartfelt, and she sings them with a voice that is equal parts bourbon and honey. Rebekah has released seven full length recordings. Each one contains it’s own blend of tough but tender songs reflecting heartache, love, self-discovery and the nature of the world around her. 

Rebekah was raised in a musical household with her eight siblings in the rural countrysides and small towns of Alaska, Texas and Washington State. They spent months at a time traveling the Western U.S. and Canada in the family's 20 foot Winnebago. She gained an ear for music by listening to her father practice and perform his rockabilly style of music with country greats such as Charlie Ryan with whom he recorded the original version of Hot Rod Lincoln. 

A songwriter who is eternally compelled to challenge herself as an artist and musician, Rebekah continues to write and record great music and learn new instruments . She's taken up piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, organ and most recently the accordion. Her unique combination of skilled songwriting and powerful stage presence has earned Ms. Pulley a place in the ears and hearts of fans and critics across the nation. Rebekah has earned nine Best of the Bay awards from the readers and music critics of Creative Loafing. That publication has described her live singing as “both technically spot-on and emotionally devastating. It can drop your jaw and break your heart.”

Rebekah currently lives in St. Petersburg, Fl and is beginning work on a new recording in her home studio. When she's not playing music she enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy but also loves authors such as Steinbeck and Irving or anything nerd related. Writing poems and speculations or just journaling feelings and nonsense. Sewing clothes and knick-knacks but has dreams of learning to quilt. Gardening herbs and vegetables and keeping the weeds away.

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She finds emotional trigger points you never knew existed.” - Sean Daly

— The St. Petersburg Times

One of the most graceful records of the past several years (Back to Boogaloo).” - Dave Marsh

— Rock and Rap Confidential

Immensely enjoyable, and a master class in DIY (Back to Boogaloo)” - John Conquest

— 3rd Coast Music

A Florida treasure.” - Randy Wynne


A boatload of catchy songs.” - Program Director

— KRVM, Eugene, OR

A brilliant folk-rock affair marked by smart storytelling.” - Wade Tatangelo

— Creative Loafing