From the recording The Sea of Everything

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Rebekah Pulley - Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars.
Rob Pastore - Bass Guitar.
Tony Dolan - Drums.
SG Wood - Lead Guitar
Rebekah Pulley - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars.
Rob Pastore - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocal.
Tony Dolan - Drums, Harmony Vocal.
SG Wood - Lead Guitar.
Branden Barnett - Harmony Vocal.
Bekah Reed - Harmony Vocal.

RECORDED at Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, FL by Steve Connelly & at Driftwood Studio in St. Petersburg, FL by Rebekah Pulley and Rob Pastore.

MIXED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly and Rebekah Pulley.

MASTERED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly.

MUSIC AND LYRICS by Rebekah Pulley.


(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

I was walking
Past the corner
Of Central Avenue
And Second Street

Heading west
Into the sunset
The sun so bright
No one could see the streetlights

The sign said walk
But no one moved
We looked both ways
Like people often do

Then one brave soul
Took the first step
Off the sidewalk
Followed by the rest

Walking west
On Central Avenue
Thinking about how
Twenty years have changed you

But I've changed too
Like this Central Avenue
I've opened up
And I've shut down

Hoping a few
Of my
Favorite things
Stick around

(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

Look at this city
It's taken me in
We'll always remain
The best of enemies

Its door have been open
Its lights have been lit
The night is proposing
We explore every part of it

Feel the city
Running through my veins
See the city
Sweating out of my skin
Hear the city
Pounding like a drum
We take the city
Or the city takes us all
One by one

The indifferent bartenders
With serious faces
Watch the night come and go
Filling in empty spaces

Young tattooed arms
Lift strong cups of spirits
To toast to some old friends
Or make new ones of those who or nearest

Keeping up ...

In and out of doors
Up and down streets
Climbing higher
And higher