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From the recording The Sea of Everything

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Rebekah Pulley - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rob Pastore - Bass Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Tony Dolan - Drums
SG Wood - Lead Guitar

RECORDED at Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, FL by Steve Connelly & at Driftwood Studio in St. Petersburg, FL by Rebekah Pulley and Rob Pastore.

MIXED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly and Rebekah Pulley.

MASTERED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly.

MUSIC AND LYRICS by Rebekah Pulley.

COVER ART by Rebekah Pulley.


(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

When you come back home
You'll find me standing there alone
In the middle
Of a warm winter night

I won't be sleeping
In that bed we bought for dreaming
It's too empty
To dream in tonight

When you walk through that door
You'll find me sitting out back
On the porch where we shared
All our secrets

But I won't be speaking
To that chair you sat in so easy
It's too empty
To speak to tonight

I'm trying hard to be strong
Like my mother was for so long
But I watched her wither away
Till there was nothing left
But empty space

So I'm throwing out the bed
I'm getting rid of that chair
You can come back or you can stay
I won't feel empty either way

No, I won't feel empty either way