1. She Said Smile

From the recording A Brand New Day

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Rebekah Pulley - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Recorded by Rebekah Pulley.
Music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley.
Cover art by Jasmine Conrad.

Fun side note: I recorded this in one take at my home in St. Petersburg, FL using one microphone and one guitar track on an old Fostex VF08 that I still have tucked away somewhere. My daughter came home from school, 1st or 2nd grade, with a picture she had drawn. It wasn't finished but I loved it just as it was and decided that it was the perfect cover for the recording.


(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

I was talking with a friend
She said my life is just beginning
I don't know if that's such a revelating find
So far life has been unkind
She said you've got to keep on smiling through it all
Even though it may hurt
When you start falling from grace

I was talking with a friend
I said I want to thank you again
She said I don't know if I can carry on
I said here's a shoulder to lean on
I said you've got to keep on smiling through it all
And pretty soon all that heartache
Is going to fall away

Don't you cry those shallow tears
Don't you waste your time on fear
Don't you wallow in your sorrow
Because you know that you can borrow
A smile