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Rebekah Pulley - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rob Pastore - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Josh Touchton - Drums, Backing Vocals
Joe Culver - Bass Guitar

Released June 26, 2006

RECORDED, MIXED, & MASTERED at Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, FL by Steve Connelly.

MUSIC AND LYRICS by Rebekah Pulley.

COVER ART by Rebekah Pulley.


(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

There's not much going on here
But the weather's good and the sky is clear
There's not much to do
So I sit around here and think or me and you

Remember when we use to laugh
Remember when all we'd do is smile
It's like we'd always we'd always be there
The it somehow passed us by

The telephone it just stopped ringing
But the weather's good here and the birds are singing
There's not much to see
So I sit around here and think of you and me

Remember when I was so pretty
Remember when you were so kind
It's like we'd always be young
Then we somehow passed our prime

The lines are open but I'm still hanging
The weather's good here but the winds are changing
There's not much to do for free
So I sit around here and think of you and me

Remember when we were so willing
Remember when you said we'd fly high
It's like we'd always want to
Then we just forgot to try