1. The Drug Song

From the recording Tralala

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Rebekah Pulley - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Rob Pastore - Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocal
Max Norton - Drums
Ryan Arsenault - Organ

Released October 10, 2013

RECORDED at Zen Recording Studio in Pinellas Park, FL by Steve Connelly & at D. DUSTY Studio in St. Petersburg, FL by Rebekah Pulley and Rob Pastore.

MIXED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly and Rebekah Pulley.

MASTERED at Zen Recording Studio by Steve Connelly.

MUSIC AND LYRICS by Rebekah Pulley.

COVER ART by Rebekah Pulley.


(music & lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

Ain't it funny
Ain't it strange
How we wonder
Then we change
Do we get wiser
Become beholden
Or just get restless
And then get loaded

Fill me with drugs
And shame
Give me something
Give me rain
Give me hope
With words
A chorus
And verbs

Give me drugs
And love
Give me drugs