1. Absolute Boy

From the recording Night Music

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Somewhere in the middle of Quarantine my partner, Rob, acquired a Hammond B3 organ and a Leslie speaker. We live close to the water (Tampa Bay) in the Driftwood neighborhood of St. Pete. When I turned that organ on the low end shook the walls and windows so soundly that I imagined it might create a tremor on the shores of Driftwood that would roll into a tidal wave and crash across the city of Tampa. I guess you would need to know a bit of this areas geography to understand that. I had a particularly good time recording the bass line on the Hammond's foot pedals. There's an accordion in the solo. Her name is Carmen and I bought her years ago at some junk shop in Austin, TX for about $75. These days she only sounds in tune in certain keys but that's how you know it's the right song for her.

CREDITS: I played everything you hear on this song - but if you're interested in the specific sounds you're hearing then: Upright Piano, Accordion, Hammond B3 Organ tracks, Programmed Drum Track, Vocals.


(music and lyrics by Rebekah Pulley)

There’s no joy for an absolute boy
Who finds reason in all that is coy
There’s no marks on his face
And he has not a trace
Of one single political race

There’s no well for indifference’s toils
A hard lesson with springs that recoil
There’s no grounds for your trial
The jury has been out for a while
And they’re not tuning in on your dial

Get your hopes just as high in the sky as you can
To dissect every part of some living man
It’s no random mistake
How we live out each day
In our own given way

Take your car and drive it as far as you can
To some moving but desolate land
Pick your fights, pick your friends
There’s no reason to blend
You have of your time left here to end

There’s a slower wind blowing this way
It won’t change everything in a day
But the end ain’t the end
When you’re staring over again
You just have to learn
To begin

And your lows they’re as low as our lows
So don’t bruise us and ruffle our bows
We’re not trying to find
All the answers this time
We're just singing these words
Because they rhyme

We’re not trying to find
All the answers this time
We're just singing these words
Because they rhyme