From the recording Night Music

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Music & Lyrics by Rebekah Pulley

I read a National Geographic article some years ago about Venice, Italy and wrote this song not long after but I never played it out live or recorded it. I always liked the song but could never get it off the ground musically until, during quarantine, I went down a bassoon rabbit hole on the internet and decided to record MIDI bassoon and clarinet tracks. That's when the song finally started to gel. I topped the song off with an EBow (electronic bow) part on my trusty old Ibanez Artstar, a guitar worth very little - money wise - but damn it if I don't love how it sounds and plays.

CREDITS: I played everything you hear on this song - but if you're interested in the specific sounds you're hearing then: Upright Piano, Bass 6 Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitars, EBow Guitar, MIDI Bassoon & Clarinet, Programmed Drum Track, Vocals.


We can’t live here anymore
The water is too high
The locals lost the war
They can’t live here anymore

Market Square is seeded
With foreign souvenirs
Empty heartbeats rumble like
Tumbleweeds shaking down the shaky street
They can’t beat here anymore

There’s still old money
In a few accounts and hands
But they took away the homes
When they bought up the land

We can’t live here anymore
We can’t live here anymore

They couldn’t buy the ocean
So they built a hundred dams
But the water still grows high
When it decides it’s time

We can’t live here anymore
We can’t live here anymore